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ID-WITHOUTCOLORS – Institutionalized Racism in Germany

On March 27, 2012, the administrative court of Koblenz, in Western Germany, dismissed a complaint by a black German man who was asked to show his papers while traveling by train. The judges ruled that skin color was reasonable grounds on which to carry out ID checks. The sentence confirmed for the first time the existence and practice of racial profiling in Germany.
Berlin has been depicted by international media as the new venue for fashion and artistic life. People from all around the world are coming to Berlin in order to enjoy the artistic and cultural atmosphere of the city. “Berlin is “multikulti” has been the sentence used for a long time to describe the attitude of the city. Also according with Berlin’s administration, there is no evidence of racial profiling in Berlin. The truth is more complex. Since 2002 such organizations as ReachOut/Ariba eV and KOP Berlin have been recording and documenting more than 150 cases of racist police brutality in Berlin.

“ID–WITHOUTCOLORS” gives voice to activists, victims, policemen as well as politicians. It is actually the first and the only European documentary film on this topic.

About the Author
Riccardo Valsecchi is an author, photographer and filmmaker. He has been working for many international outlets reporting from such countries as Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldavia, Germany, Spain, Italy and Israel. His interests concern the ongoing relationship between the society and the languages of fashion, lifestyle and cultural environment.
His works have been regularly published on die Taz,, Altreconomia, and Fashion Magazine. Since 2012 he is the coordinator of the photo-video group Shoot4Change – – in Berlin.


Directed by Riccardo Valsecchi
Produced by Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg
Screenplay by Riccardo Valsecchi
- Biplab Basu, KOP Berlin
- Grada Kilomba, writer
- Stefan Riedlich, Berliner Polizei
- Serkan Salman, Berliner Polizei
- Herbert Asprilla, DJ-Web Designer
- Memet Kiliç, Member of German Parlament BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN
- Iris Rajanayagam , The Voice Refugee Forum Berlin
- Tahir Della, ISD München
- Suat Oezkan, Entrepeneur
- Kien Nghi-Ha, Writer
- Adetoun Küppers Adebisi, Afrotak Germany
- Johanna Mohrfeld, Reach Out Berlin
- Eben Louw, Psycologe
- Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani, Gangway Neukölln
- Kany Tuyala, Ph.D. Student
- Eddie Bruce Jones, Prof. London University
Running Time: 29.15
Country: Germany
Languages: German-English

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